Wedding Etiquette – the basics of the wedding

A wedding is a solemn and formal event, for which certain rules of etiquette apply that should be followed. Already with the wedding invitation one should observe some rules from the wedding etiquette. In addition to the information about time and place, it makes sense to determine who is actually invited. If you send the invitation to a family, it should also be clear whether the children are invited.

With an invitation to a single, an invitation should also be given for an accompaniment, and with a church wedding, one should also send an invitation to the pastor for the feast. This way you can avoid the first embarrassments when the guests arrive.

This is how the gifts should be handled

There is also a Wedding Etiquette for the guests, which also determines, for example, what to consider when it comes to gifts.

– Respect the couple’s gift requests
– Place gifts on a table
– Pack money gifts discreetly

In addition, one should not be angry if the bride and groom do not immediately unpack the presents. There is simply no time for this in the hype of the wedding. It is customary not to open the gifts until the next day. However, according to the wedding etiquette, you can expect a thank you card from the bride and groom.

Dress Code for the wedding

Guests should adhere to a specific wedding dress code. The first rule is that women should not wear white. This color is reserved for the bride on her wedding day and she should be the only one wearing white. But black, which expresses grief, should also be avoided. The length of the dress depends on the bride. If the bride is wearing a short wedding dress, long evening dresses are not the order of the day. Male guests should wear a suit, but it shouldn’t be more elegant than the groom’s suit. If the invitation states that it is a themed wedding, guests are also expected to dress accordingly.